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Acupressure for Emotions

EFT is often called "tapping" because the central feature of EFT involves tapping with your fingertips on acupressure points and meridians on your face and upper body.  Facilitated EFT sessions are personalized for  just you and offer safe space and support to explore.

EFT helps to neutralize negative, limiting thoughts and false beliefs that may be on automatic pilot, then gives you the emotional freedom that can transform your life.

Used in hospitals and by hospice teams, Reiki is a Japanese technique that is simple, natural and safe. A non-invasive energy healing that treats the whole person- mind body and spirit which  for most clients,  creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation, and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing as well as releasing of negative stored energy.

The coaching process challenges you to take the time to focus on what you really want.  It helps you recognize and breakthrough what is holding you back from experiencing a fuller life of your choosing.  And with the support of an empowering and coach whose only agenda is to hold you accountable to what you want to achieve!

The Core Energy Process is firmly rooted in the 7 energy levels of consciousness.  Once you realize and feel how your level of consciousness is directly related to your thoughts, your feelings and your actions, there is no limit to the potential of growth you can achieve.  Learn more about the Energy Leadership Index TM assessment tool to give you a deeper insight on where along the energy spectrum your thoughts hang out and how  that effects your energy,  your outlook, your relationships, your communication  and your life.